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SeedLegals Startup Awards

Celebrating startups

Together, we’ll celebrate the best and brightest entrepreneurs and investors who power the UK startup community.

Don’t miss the chance to join an exceptional evening, lively with networking, vibrant music, and a delectable spread of canapés, bowl food, and drinks all night.

Why enter the awards?

Boost your credibility

This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your achievements and boost your credibility to grow your network and business.

Raise your profile

Get on the PR grind with SeedLegals behind you. Entering and winning an award could get you positive PR exposure to your peers, customers and investors.

Celebrate the startup spirit

Startup life is hard. Take a night off to enjoy your place at the heart of the UK’s entrepreneur and investor community.

Celebrate your success

Win an award, raise your profile

Add a trophy to your shelf and share your success on social media, and with your peers, customers and investors.

Event guests and speakers

Alex MacDonald

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Oli Barrett

Presenter and Serial Co-Founder

Anthony Rose

Co-founder and CEO at SeedLegals